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Computer Requirements

Free, current version of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, or Safari. Some older browsers could produce error messages or not display the content correctly.

Free, current version of Adobe Flash Player
Free, current version of Adobe Reader

How do I change the font size on the monitor if the text is too small or too large?

On your browser toolbar, select View → Zoom. Then select the font size that you prefer.

When I try to take the posttest to get CME credit, an error message comes up and the test never appears.
You must Register for each course to receive credit. This is not to be confused with the "Account Sign-up" that adds you to our system. When you Register for each course all your registration information appears automatically. Check it for correctness and then click Submit. 

What if I can't finish the course in one sitting?
Once registered for the course, you can login and logout any number of times to get access to the material and the quiz.

If a course requires payment, do I have to pay each time I login?
No, you only pay once for the course and then it can be accessed unlimited times for the duration of the course.

I don't have a printer at home, how can I get my completion certificate?
You can complete and submit the quiz from home (or another computer). Once you get to a computer with printer access, just login, go to the course quiz, the View Credit button will be available toward the top right of the screen. When the credit document appears, select File → Print from the toolbar.

What if I use a dial in connection?
In general, you can use AOL or Compuserve for your dial-in connection, but should still use a the current version of your web browser to view the course.


I tried to login, but I can't get through. Why didn't it work?
Please make sure that you have typed in your correct email address and password and verified that your browser is set to accept cookies and to check for new pages everytime. If you are still unable to login, please send an email to ocpd@mailplus.wisc.edu with the following information: your full name, username, password, and a brief description of your problem.


I am receiving JavaScript errors. What do I do?
You will need the most recent version version of  Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, or Safari. to successfully use the programs. Some older versons could produce error messages or not display the content correctly.

Why can't I see the pictures/hear the sounds?
In order to listen to the audio files or see the images, you will need one or more of the following:
Free, current version of Adobe Flash Player

Bandwidth The video presentations are best viewed with a Cable or DSL Internet connection. However, if you do dial-up with a modem, depending on your connection speed, you may be able to listen to the audio and view the slides.

We cannot provide support for the programs or plug-in software. However, you can read the troubleshooting tips on the respective web sites or talk with your technical support person.

When trying to open a PDF file the image doesn't show up on the monitor. What can I do?
You will need a free current version of Adobe Reader to view most handouts. 

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