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Continuing Professional Development in Medicine & Public Health

Welcome to CME ONLINE @ the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

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Register for Credit - for each course:

  1. To receive continuing education credits, you will need to create a user account on the CME portal. Fill in each text box on the Account sign-up page to create your profile then click Submit.

  2. Select a course from the Course Topics. Individual courses appear in each section. You will be directed to the course home page on the CME portal. Important information about each activity is presented here. Click "Register for Credit." The profile you created will appear now and every time you Log-in to take a new course. Check to be sure the information is correct and click "Submit."

  3. Once you have successfully registered for credit, click "Begin Activity." The presentation will open in a new window or tab.When the activity is complete, go back to the CME page.

  4. Next, click "Quiz and Course Evaluation." Complete the online quiz and submit your answers. When you pass the quiz you will be directed to a course evaluation. Complete and submit the course evaluation.

  5. Credit letters can be printed immediately after successful completion of the quiz and course evaluation. There is a credit letter for physicians and one for non-physicians. Select the appropriate "View Credit" button. Check the page for correctness and print the document for your records.

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